Why Responsive Web Design Is Your Best Option

Almost every client of digital agencies wants a mobile version of their website that is compatible with all screen resolutions. However, how will web designers and developers keep up the endless new devices and resolutions? If you are tech talent, you can read the King Kong advertising review before you make an informed decision.

Businesses prefer a mobile version of their website so that they won’t lose potential customers that use different devices to access their site. Their best option is a responsive web design that responds to a user’s behavior and environment according to screen size, platform, and orientation.

In responsive web design, the web developer makes use of a mix of flexible grids, layouts, and images including CSS media queries. It is very likely for a user to switch from a laptop to a tablet or smartphone. The website must be able to automatically switch to accommodate the resolution, image size, and scripting abilities of the device used.

Devices have different settings. For example, a user may be using a VPN for iOS on an iPad. The website must not block the user’s access to the web page. It has to automatically respond to the user’s device preferences. Responsive web design eliminates the need to have a new design for every gadget that is introduced to the market.

However, responsive web design is not all about automatic resizing of images and adjusting to screen resolutions; it is a whole new way of designing websites. New devices are being developed every day and all these devices handle variations in size, functionality, and colour. They can immediately switch from portrait to landscape according to the user’s whim.

Web design must be as flexible as necessary to enable the orientations to switch immediately upon page load. It can be overwhelming for web designers and developers particularly since no one knows what is being developed for the future.

Meanwhile, a business website is not enough. It is important to ensure that the business is on a sound footing to be profitable. Your best option is to read the King Kong advertising review so that you won’t be investing your hard-earned dollars on advertising that does not work.