A website is an important customer-facing marketing asset, especially for a tech company. Whether they’re offering to be ready to serve as your personal IT warehouse or providing software, the website is the first impression customers get of tech companies.

Building a good site isn’t just something that happens; there’s a lot of things considered. The company, what product or services they offer to customers, who these customers are, and what industry they’re in; all of these matters.

How important is good web design?

Well, Adobe did a study a while back aimed at shedding some light on the matter. The design tech company noted that 38% of people will stop engaging with a site if they find it unappealing, either because of the layout or the content, or both. On top of that, around 94% of the respondents stated that they find sites with poor design as distrustful.

This shows how important good web design is to a tech company’s online marketing efforts. Whether they offer to be ready to serve as your personal IT warehouse or help with operating system needs, a good site is key.

Here are things to keep in mind for tech companies when designing their site, and for customers to keep an eye on to see if the site they’re in is up to snuff.

Landing page

The landing page is the standalone page designed specifically for a marketing campaign. In other words, it’s the page that people that click ads go to. That means that there’s value in having multiple landing pages, as each can be tailored to fit the target demographic of the ad it works with, maximizing the effectiveness of both.

Good landing pages need a few key things, like:

  • Strong headlineClean design
  • Good wording and copy
  • Forms that are easy to deal with
  • Buttons that grab attention

Advertising the product itself

Different companies offer different products and services, and, naturally, they want to advertise properly to customers.

However, explaining things entirely in text rarely works, because people can only read so much at a time. Product tour pages and the like are instrumental in getting people familiar with a product or service, and getting them to buy it. It’s all about making sure that they know what they could get from a product and/or service.