So you’ve managed to get your site together. It runs well, it’s got great reviews like those in kingkong com au review, and it’s bringing people in. Great!

But your work on it is not done, of course. A good site’s like a good car; you need to take care of it and maintain it regularly to make sure it keeps running at peak performance.

Remember to keep your site regularly maintained and updated, and here’s a few of them.

Review the site. All of it.

Whenever your site gets updates, it’s a good idea to set aside some time to look at all pages of the site. Look for broken links, anything that might need improvement, outdated or missing content, anything that has issues. Even small things like typos or grammatical errors.

Check the forms.

A continuation of the above point. Calls to action, points of contact, forms, buttons, and others; these interactive elements should always be updated. They’re more noticeable when they fail, because there’s, well, interaction. If a button doesn’t work, you can be sure it’ll be on a review; it’ll be talked about.

Security updates & bug fixes

With security threats changing regularly, you need to make sure that your web developer and hosting provider keeps the software updated, installing things like upgrades, security patches, bug fixes, and anything that’ll help improve the system, keep it update, and make sure it runs right. Ideally, patches should be installed as soon as they come out.

Make sure the domain names are renewed

Make sure that all your sites are renewed in a timely manner. Your domain name is basically your most prized possession, and letting it expire is a devastating blow for you and your site. If someone looks for a kingkong com au review, then the domain should provide.


Ensure that your site is backed up, along with its data. Regularly check the backups, or make sure that whoever’s hosting or developing regularly checks on them. You want to make sure that the backups are there, and the data is retrievable in case something goes wrong.