Advances in technology has revolutionized the way that Titan Transline provides personalized services to its customers. Good website design provides an instant advantage in the highly competitive logistics industry. Web design can be a game-changer if it offers users with a sense of security and confidence.

A logistics company requires a responsive web design so that the pages will look streamlined and elegant across all devices and browsers. Most customers will check their shipment current status while on the go through their mobile phone or tablet. Having a responsive website is more cost effective than developing a dedicated mobile app.

Front-end developers understand the importance of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in building smart responsive websites. HTML is the programming language used in describing the structure of information on the web page while CSS controls the page’s appearance. JavaScript controls functionality and provides the brains to the web pages.

A web page usually contains headings, paragraphs, images, videos and different types of data. Front-end developers use HTML elements in specifying the kind of information that each item on the web page contains. HTML code is written by developers to specify how different elements relate to one another on the overall structure of the web page.

HTML has a significant role in web pages. The structure created through HTML code is used to reference, enhance and manipulate elements in a web page that uses CSS and JavaScript. HTML can be used to mark the headings while CSS is used to specify font, size and color on the headings to reflect the company’s brand.

HTML indicates the role of each element to search engines and other services that index content and summarizes it for users. For example, if the caption of an image is marked with “figcaption” element and then the image is enclosed with a caption in the “figure” element, the search engine will understand that the two elements are related.

The website of Titan Transline has been designed with mobile in mind so that it can be easily accessed by customers using a smartphone. Free quotes can be requested for reliable transnational transportation across all of North America.