Having a website is a must for providers of home security systems and Security Cameras in order to gain online presence. Nowadays, the internet is the major source of information and an individual looking for Security Cameras will typically use Google to search for one instead of the traditional yellow pages. A business without a website loses the opportunity to gain customers who prefer to use the internet which accounts for the greater majority.

There are many technologies used today in website development. One of the most commonly used are web scripts which are computer programs that allow a website to be more dynamic. Web scripts are categorized according to where they are executed. The client-side scripts are executed within client’s side or his web browser while the server-side scripts are executed on the web server before a web page is sent to the browser.

The most common of client-side scripting language is JavaScript which is often used alongside HTML in writing web pages. JavaScript was originally developed to support the browser but now it is being used as the scripting language for web pages at the client side.

Another client-side scripting language is VBScript which was developed by Microsoft but it is not supported by other browsers like Firefox and Opera. This is the reason why web developers prefer to use JavaScript because it ensures that the web pages work with all types of browsers.

Most web users today use browsers that are script-enabled however, it is still good practice to make use of progressive enhancement in designing web pages. This ensures that the web pages will work even without CSS or client-side scripts.
On the other hand, server-side scripts cannot be read by the user because they reside on the web server. It is only when requested by the web server that the server-side scripts are executed. What usually shows up on the web server is not the script but the output of the script that is typically HTML. Server-side scripts are more reliable and accessible than client-side scripts because it allows anyone using a web browser to access HTML without requiring anything for the scripts to work.