2020 has been rough for a lot of industries across the world.

Even digital marketing, an industry that’s used to sudden changes and disruptions, had a rough time with all of the changes the COVID-19 pandemic forced upon the world. Changes to the industry meant that a lot of businesses had to adapt, and they had to adapt hard and fast.

Here are some of the digital marketing trends getting attention in early 2021.


The argument for responsible free speech vs. internet censorship is back in the spotlight due to certain recent events that we won’t mention.

Online brands are now forced to choose a side, with discussions about responsible marketing and banning any brand that violates the policy of social media platforms. The big names like Facebook and Twitter have already made changes to their algorithms and their policies.

COVID-friendly campaigns

The silver lining in the COVID-19 pandemic is that digital marketing has seen a big boom across the world.

Of course, this also meant that the digital space has more competition than ever and any brand advertising online need creative campaigns.

Adobe’s Michael Stoddart says that the belief that the technology works but adapting is too hard has pretty much gone out the window, because adapting became necessary.

Virtual events

Virtual event marketing offers good ROI, with lower costs and a bigger audience, without having to deal with VISA issues and travel restrictions.

Of course, marketers like king kong sabri suby have to work to ensure that virtual events are as engaging and attention-grabbing as in-person events, which is still a bit of a work-in-progress. The initial data’s rather promising, though.