Do you know that you can read king kong advertising review through your mobile phone or tablet? Most websites are now mobile optimized because people prefer to use their mobile gadgets to access the internet. However, are you aware of the strategies used in responsive web design that can be accessed from any device?

When Media Queries in CSS3 are used it does not consider the type of device being used but its capability. It will check the width and height of the browser window, the device’s width and height, its orientation and resolution. If the user has a browser that supports media queries, CSS can used because it will detect that the user is using a smaller device like a smartphone and provides them with a specific layout.

A website does not only become smaller to fit; instead, content is re-architected so that it will be easier to access on the smaller screen of the device. Content is displayed in the same way on an iPhone or Android phone because media queries are used to target the device’s capabilities.

When using media queries, it is important to have an alternate section of CSS inside the single stylesheet. Alternate CSS can be added for smaller screens and width devices inside curly braces. CSS will override any previous style rules that were set for desktop browsers.

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