Businesses whether big or small need to have a website to establish online credibility. Most people will always assume that a business has a website because it has become the norm today. It is very likely for people to be surprised if Rabinky, the famous map illustrator does not have a website. People prefer to look for products and services online because it is more convenient and efficient.

Meanwhile, Python has created a considerable buzz in large scale web development but in spite of its popularity, it was no able to penetrate enterprise development. In this area, Python continues to be considered as simply an alternative scripting language to Perl.

Python which is one of the fastest growing open source programming languages is widely used in building mission critical applications. It most cases, Python forms the base of high end publication websites running on several million mobile phones. It is also widely across industries that include air traffic control, feature-length movie animations and shipbuilding.

Meanwhile, Pythons unavailability in mobile computing and browsers has become its potential weak point. Even if Python is present in many server and desktop platforms, very few smartphone applications use Python for development. It is also very rare to find Python on the client side of a web application.

There are many objections to Python as an enterprise level programming language because of its lack of multiprocessor support. Compared to other languages like Java, Python does not have commercial support point even for an open source project. Python is relatively slow when it comes to runtime speed like complied languages such as C++.

Only a handful of smartphone apps have been developed using Python even if it is strong in desktop and server platforms. The programming language is usually driven by a community of volunteers who do not have enough time to document and support every module.

Illustrated map art by Rabinky is a better option to traditional maps that are widely used today. The map of a city is creatively drawn to deliver a client’s message through a unique cityscape illustration. It provides more than just geographical information; it delivers a realistic feeling of identification.