Python is a good choice for those who are still learning how to code or want to use another programming language. The good thing with Python is it closely resembles the English language. It is not surprising to find words like “not”, “in” and “or” on the scripts. Python is usually the first programming language taught in schools because of its readability for an aspiring coder.

Python is the official language used by Google and Instagram. It is also used to run chip Intel tests. Python is a scripting language that can automate both big and small tasks. Most of the benefits of Python were derived from a wide variety of libraries that were gathered since it was launched in 1991. These libraries contain the tools and programs that handle a lot of coding.

Web developers often turn to Python for data science, statistics, web scraping, artificial intelligence and web development. It is very likely that Python will stay relevant in the years to come because it can do just about anything. According to a 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, almost two-fifths of coders use Python.

Python has amassed popularity last year and has surpassed C#. The programming language is now on seventh spot among coding languages. There are plenty of tutorials and explainers including a large active community that can assist you in the coding journey.

An opportunity to learn Pythonis offered by online classes. A good option is to choose the class based on customer reviews, popularity and breadth of the material. You will also find various lengths, difficulty levels and specialization that will match your requirements. The best option for beginners is a course that teaches how to use Python in extracting data from the web and working with databases. Python is a good choice for managing large datasets.

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