Every business today understands the need for a quality website to gain online presence but how does web development work for a professional website like HomeUnion Investment? The web developer will often choose the best option for the project based on the features required. It is also important for the web developer to choose the best programming language that most browsers will support.

Basic web development languages

HTML is the standardized markup language used to structure and format content. When complemented with CSS it allows the programmer to define the look and format of multiple pages all at once. Both web development languages provide the basic structure and the style information that are used to create a static web page. Static means the web page remains the same no matter who visits it. Some web pages are referred to as dynamic because they are tailored to each new visitor. However, in order for the developer to create more complex pages, more advanced client-side and server-side scripting must be used.

HTML and CSS are client-side scripting that runs within the web browser. Even if you suddenly lose internet connection, as long as the browser is open, you will still be able to view a static web page. The two most common client-side scripts are JavaScript and ActionScript. JavaScript is the programming language that brings animation, games, apps, interactivity and other dynamic effects to life. Some of JavaScript applications can run even without connecting back to the web server which means that they can run even without an internet connection.

ActionScript is used for Adobe Flash and is well suited for rich internet applications like streaming audio and video. The use of JavaScript or ActionScript depends on the preferences of the web developer but if there are multimedia applications, ActionScript is the better option.

PHP is generally used by at least 75% of web servers because it is open source and there is a huge online community that supports it. However, Java is the choice for server-side language for large-scale websites with a lot of traffic like Amazon Store and Apple Store. Java framework outperforms other languages in raw speed benchmark tests.