Many businesses use Facebook advertising but they seldom incorporate customer reviews on the ads. Facebook ads that include customer reviews in newsfeed stories are better received by people who are browsing the social media platform.

How to use customer reviews in Facebook ads

In social media advertising, it is important to target the right people with the right message at the right time. Before using a customer review in Facebook ads, it is important to select the best feedback that will generate trust. A shareable review tells a story. For example, “I purchased this game for my daughter’s birthday and she absolutely loved it.” This is better than a customer saying that it is a good toy.

The buying cycle on which the customers are in must also be considered. A different type of ad must be created for first-time customers. For example, top-selling products will easily gain their attention particularly when it includes a review from a satisfied customer. This approach will get the new customer’s attention even if he is not yet prepared to buy.

The voice of the brand must be consistent. It must not be tailored to adapt to the review. A super effective ad must include a short on-brand text with a personal experience review from a customer.

If you noticed, king kong marketing agency review is a user-generated content that turns the experience of clients into a powerful marketing tool. The voices of customers are very powerful. When combined with custom-created content, the chances of winning a conversion become much higher.