Digital maps are more dominantly used today over paper maps. Example of digital map is Google Maps where it is available for use on computers and other handheld devices. Paper maps may seem outdated just like a rotary phone or vinyl record. However, there are those who still prefer paper maps. They still continue to create one to show the younger generation that they are still useful. You may want to consider drawing map illustrations to show some locations of today.

A New York Lawyer Alan Grossman, who is an avid Elvis Presley fan, shows his adoration for paper maps out of gusto for the rock-n-roll icon. Out of his passion for the deceased heartthrob, he produced the Memphis Map for Elvis fans, a full-colored paper map of the city bounding the Mississippi River. Grossman has spent around $50,000 just to have the paper map intended for Elvis and his fans. You can also view paper maps in the Google Map’s office along with other iconic designs.

Grossman’s paper map stands out for hand drawings and the incorporation of over a hundred locations relevant to avid Elvis fans. It detailed the renowned Graceland and other obscure locations which actually no longer exists today. It includes the Britling Cafeteria where Elvis’ mom used to work, the Crown Electric Company, his former employer, and his favorite pizza restaurant Coletta. It could have looked better if map illustrations were used.

Paper maps are still in good usage today like when digital maps are not handy. The military finds paper maps more useful especially when they are in battle. It provides them signal on which parts to go to. In 2011, the Portland government authorized the paper maps to be produced to inspire young Hispanic residents to walk and bike more in Portland suburbs. Paper maps served its purpose due to absence of computers and handheld devices.

With the existence of Google Maps, paper maps have still room to exist. Even ifdigital maps are increasingly used in handheld devices such as mobile phones, custom cartography has still its value to offer. Mapmakers may consider paper maps as outdated, but it still has a say in its artistry and complexity. You can also use map illustrations for directions.