Much has been said about the importance of customer reviews and how they affect overall business success. According to several theories on consumer psychology, even a simple satisfaction survey appeals to a customer’s desire to be coddled. It reinforces the positive feelings that they already have about the product making them more likely to buy again.

The very process of seeking the opinion of a customer already induces the person to form judgements that would not otherwise occur to them. Customers may not consciously realize that they love a certain feature unless the business asks them to leave a feedback.

At present, businesses will take advantage of every opportunity to ask for a customer’s opinion knowing that it is one of the primary drivers to long-term growth. Thousands of dollars are being invested by businesses to setup feedback channels like emails, reviews, feedback surveys, and website analytics. Feedback is being collected proactively by polling and surveying customers, interviewing them, or requesting for their review.

However, since there is no one-size-fits-all strategy in collecting reviews, it is important to have different methods for different situations. Customers can be asked open-ended questions on how they use a product or they can be asked to answer a short survey after they have finished interacting with a certain feature.

A digital agency encourages its clients to leave King Kong advertising reviews by asking them a simple question of how likely they will recommend the business to their peers. This is basically a metric that will give an idea of the client’s sentiment about the service.