It is extremely important for a law firm to build a strong online presence. This can be achieved by having a modern responsive web design that is accessible through desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. People browsing through their smartphone does not need to zoom in to read content because it will look great on all devices.

When the end goal of the web designer is to build a web page with a specific kind of header, font, color theme and images, he takes the big idea and break them into small pieces. These pieces are translated into instructions and placed into correct order and syntax that the computer will understand.

Every page on the web has been built using a sequence of separate instructions. The browser translates the codes to something that users see and interact with on the screen. When the web page is opened, the browser fetches HTML and whatever programming languages that are involved and interprets them.

HTML is the programming language that is used to describe the structure of information on a web page. CSS on the other hand controls the appearance of the page while JavaScript takes care of functionality. Most front-end developers would use HTML elements in specifying the kind of information that the web page must contain and how the different elements relate to each other in the overall structure of the web page.

To put it simply, HTML will be used to mark all of the headings in the page. CSS will be used to specify the font, size and color that will be applied to the headings. CSS provides the website with style that can affect the entire mood and tone of the page. CSS is an incredibly powerful tool that is used on responsive websites so that they will adapt to different device types and screen sizes.

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