Even if more and more people favor mobile phones nowadays to access websites, desktops and laptops are still the devices being used in website design. Responsive web design is now the trend so that the web pages will be accessible in any platform and screen size. Meanwhile, if your computer is not working properly, you can get help from Techrep24 on-site computer repair services at any time of the day.

People nowadays use their smartphones to surf the web and this is the reason why web designers are designing mobile-friendly websites. There are two ways to create a mobile friendly website. First, the site can be modified for the smaller screens of smartphones by providing a separate page to be viewed. Second, websites are automatically adapted by shrinking and moving stuff around to respond to the devices that they are using. This is called responsive web design.

In responsive web design, the same page that user views on a desktop or laptop is presented to the mobile audience. The difference will be Cascading Style Sheets or CSS because the browsers on desktops and laptops will render a page using a set of CSS instructions and another set for the mobile device. This method not only saves the efforts of creating a different set of pages for each type of user but the efforts in maintaining two sets.

The browsers of modern mobile devices are written with the knowledge that websites are designed for the monitors of computers. The browser adapts by pretending that it has a computer-sized screen and then scale to fit everything in. For example, iPhone5’s Safari pretends that it has screen width of 980 pixels by default even if the actual screen size is only 320 pixels in portrait mode. However, this will defeat the attempt to create a comfortable experience for mobile users.

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