There are some common technologies used today to create dynamic and interactive web designs. A few common terms include client-side scripting and server-side scripting that allow web pages to be dynamic. Pages can present customized content depending on the user’s input.

The most common client-side scripting language is JavaScript. Another is VBScript that was developed by Microsoft and does not support other browsers like Firefox and Opera. Most web developers use JavaScript that is supported by all browsers.

The downside to using client-side scripting language is older browsers do not support them. Newer browsers that are being used today allow users to disable the script. The solution is to use progressive enhancement in designing web pages so that they will work for everyone without CSS or client-side scripts.

Meanwhile, server-side scripts are executed on the web server and cannot be read by the user. What shows up is the not the script but the output which is typically HTML. Web developers prefer server-side scripts because they are more accessible and reliable. Anyone who uses a web browser can easily access HTML without turning anything on in the browser for the script to work. PHP is a widely used server-side script but others use Python or Pearl.

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