According to Google, mobile-first indexing will be the default of all new websites starting July 1, 2019. For example, if a new website of a retailer of tiles for driveways is registered, Google’s smart phone spiders will crawl the site to look for mobile-friendly content that the search engine can use to index and rank the pages. Google wants to reward sites that are mobile-friendly with best search engine ranking.

Today, when an individual wants to shop for a product or service, he picks up the mobile phone to look for a local business that offers them. In fact, 63% of users access the internet through their mobile phone. As a result, Google will never go back to desktop-only indexing.

How will this affect SEO? SEO helps people find relevant content online and mobile-first indexing ensures that web pages are relevant to users. When businesses make their websites mobile-friendly, they have to offer relevant content to their audience who may be using different devices during the day. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites so that mobile users can find relevant content.

For example, a user may switch devices with different screen sizes, platform and orientation. The mobile-friendly website will automatically adjust to accommodate to the new device’s resolution, image size and scripting abilities. By using responsive web design, the website will fit any kind of device whether it is desktop, phone or tablet. User experience is improved and the site ranks well on Google.

However, 53% of mobile users usually leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. To boost site speed, redundant data can be removed by minifying and combining HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. This will boost site speed. The number of HTTP requests can also be reduced because requests for images, style sheets and scripts can increase the website’s load time.

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