In an ideal world, non-profit organizations serve important causes through carefully planned strategies. However, the rapid of rise of crowdfunding has forced non-profits to realign their strategies. A higher ed fundraising campaign online can easily encourage supporters to invest in the project. People usually respond to what they see online and it makes them feel good to donate to strangers.

Meanwhile, the website for a fundraising campaign has be responsive because people prefer to use their mobile devices when making donations. By having a responsive website, the campaign will not miss out on the support provided by mobile users.

The same HTML is served to different devices but CSS changes the appearance of the web page. Instead of creating a different version of a website for mobile, a single codebase can support users of wide-screen monitors, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices with different screen sizes.

In responsive web design, page elements reshuffle while the viewport grows or shrinks. The 3-column website design for desktop may reshuffle to a 2-column design for a tablet or a single column for a mobile device. The design relies on proportion-based grids that re-arranges content and design elements.

The use of a single codebase makes development faster compared to the development of 2 or 3 different sites for devices types. Maintenance is also easier because only one set of code and content will be updated. If a 15-inch device is introduced to the market, the code can easily support the new device in the same way that it supports a 5-inch device.

It is usually easier to implement responsive web design on a site that is focused on content instead of functionality. It is difficult to fit complex data and interactions into modular pieces that can be shuffled around a page while preserving functionality and clarity. When elements move around a page, user experience may be different from one view of the site to the next.

The success of higher ed fundraising is usually based on the generosity of people. Modern donors usually check the interface for ultimate engagement, relevant and focused themes, mobile optimization and 24/7 support. Experts can help in navigating all the intricacies of online fundraising campaigns.