Facebook Insurance Marketing Tips: To Get More Likes

Facebook has become a global phenome since its emergence in the Internet. It has been continuously evolving from allowing people to share what’s on their mind, to share photos and videos, to let people know what they are doing and finally, manage businesses online. You see, some big businesses, even the big ones, are now using Facebook and other social media accounts, as their channels to reach more clients that will avail their services. In fact, even big corporations have their respective Facebook pages and like it or not, these businesses are benefiting from maximizing the marketing tools available on Facebook. Now, let’s talk about tips for successful Facebook insurance marketing. As you already know, the insurance industry is all about money and security.

For your Facebook page to be able to get higher level of “likes”, you have to practice certain practices if you belong in the insurance industry and you are doing Facebook insurance marketing. Below are helpful tips which if you heeded, your number of “likes” will jack up in no time:

  • When you have an existing Facebook page for your insurance company, make sure that you always connect that page to your official website, to your LinkedIn profile, basically everywhere. If you have a calling card, make sure that you include the Facebook address of your official page so people won’t waste time and bandwidth searching for it.
  • If you have an existing list of email addresses of past and present clients, you can invite them to “like” your Facebook page by simply sending them your Facebook page by simply emailing them. Along with your Facebook page, you can explain to them your agenda and belief as to why your company is engaging with people via social media.
  • Every now and then, it’s also a good Facebook insurance marketing practice that you give away prizes to certain number of fans for helping you reaching a certain numbers of “likes”. Or, you can have a contest in which a prize will be given away to the winners. That way, you are keeping your clients engaged and yes, receiving prizes and freebies are some of the things that help clients stick with a company in the long run.