It is universally accepted that web design keeps evolving continuously so that consumers can easily find the information they are looking for. For example, a traveller who is going to Thailand for a brief holiday must quickly and efficiently find hotel near Lumpini Park in Bangkok to enjoy special offers and room discounts.

The ultimate key to attracting user attention is to create web design that is efficient, aesthetically pleasing and personal. In the past, web designers have limited tools to create interactive web designs, but nowadays different web scripts are available that works for all browsers. Now it is difficult to find a website that does not include an eye-catching multimedia slider in the homepage to highlight its special features.

Web design is now leveraging on different types of engaging media to convey a message. Audio, video, graphics, infographics and images can easily enhance user experience.Web design has come far enough that websites do not have to settle only for functionality. Design can be gorgeous through dozen of libraries to choose from. Some are absolutely free, open source and well documented with different style and colour options.

Most web users are drawn to images particularly if web design provides the exact look to generate an impression. People prefer to look at images than read texts because it is extremely convenient. An image can also be easily scanned and shared. However, it is important to ensure that the images used will convey the right kind of message.

Images have immense value and can easily trigger an emotion so that a user becomes engaged with content. The most valuable location for a captivating image is on top of the fold which can be easily seen without the need to scroll. However, it is important to use the image wisely; users must not lose interest in scrolling down the website to read more information.

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