In the early days of the internet, web pages were usually HTML-based that lacked the functionality we have been so used today. Scripting was introduced but it was an integral part of the operating system of a computer and not the internet. However, with the introduction of scripting languages, websites began to improve their functionality. Apart from the Worldwide Web, scripts are also used for the automation of computer processes.

A brief insight on web scripts

Without web scripts, we would not be enjoying content-rich and functional websites. We cannot see web scripts but they are in the codes of websites and define how it will behave in response to requests of users. Instead of having to go through a series of complicated steps while browsing a site or working on the desktop computer, the script contains the series of instructions that has to be executed by a computer program so that an automated action can be achieved. From the simple shell scripts, the next to be established were macros that allowed repetitive key strokes and mouse movements for recording and execution. Macros are still used today but in the form of graphical user interface.

Web scripts in web development and design

The web developer chooses the best language that will suit the requirement of the website. HTML and CSS are two of the basic types of client side scripting languages and are used in the development of web pages. It is the code that is executed in the user’s web browser. The good thing about these scripts is they can be visible to anyone by simply using the “view source” function of the web browser. Many beginners at web development started their first steps by learning client-side scripting.

JavaScript is another programming language used to bring life to animations, games and apps and other dynamic effects. In fact, some JavaScript applications can be done without the need to connect to the web server and they can work in a browser of a computer with or without internet connectivity. ActionScript is the language used for Adobe Flash which is perfect for rich internet applications that make use of Flash animation and streaming audio and video.