Most users are not familiar with web scripts because they are not actually visible. Web scripts are part of design and behave in response to the clicks made by the user. Aside from its role in web design, web scripts are also used in the automation process of computers to ensure usability and flexibility. To order to achieve automation, web scripts are used as a representation of a text document containing a list of instructions that will be executed by a specific program. Because of web scripts, it has become easier for online users to browse different sites and to work on their personal computers without the need to undertake complicated steps to achieve the desired results.

The first scripting languages were introduced in the 1960’s as job control languages. It was a simple set of commands that allows a human to simply point and click instead of executing it manually. If you have been using Windows, you are familiar with those little text files called batch files that can be filled with commands to execute while Windows run them. For example, a command can be cited like a date so that it can be used to name a file. All the files that will be copied will include the current date attached at the end of the file name.

When scripting languages were introduced to the online world, they were divided as client-side scripting and server-side scripting. Client-side scripting is executed on the client’s browser like HTML, CSS, XML and Java Scripts. The source code of client-side scripts is usually visible to everyone by using the “View source” function in the web browser. Server-side scripting means it is executed on the server. Since the server is dedicated to the execution of the scripts, more complicated scripts can be used to connect to databases and use data while running.

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