It requires a commercial truck driver, such as drivers of Titan Transline to have a special set of driving skills, patience, attention to surroundings and more importantly, the right gears to that could keep a trucker safe and protected while on the road. While there are factors that cannot be controlled such as the weather, a trucker can control what he can take with him when driving. Below are some ideas:

Global Positioning System device

For most trucking companies, having a GPS on their trucks is mandatory. A GPS serves as a co-pilot especially on areas that you are not too familiar with. Most GPS device is voice-activated and can function horizontally or vertically. It also notifies truckers on traffic situations and active lanes.  GPS can be pricey but your safety doesn’t come with a price.

Portable cooler

Having a cooler allows you to have a short break and refreshment during a long stretch of truck driving for Titan Transline. You can have cold water, beer, soda, non-alcoholic beverages and even fruits while on the road or resting. Choose a compact type since there is not much room in a truck for bulky items.

Portable coffee maker

Driving a huge vehicle, such as a truck requires concentration and for the driver to stay awake at all times. This is the reason why having a portable coffee maker for your immediate coffee fix while on the road is essential. There are portable coffee maker that only amounts $200 and the type is already impact-resistant and crush-proof. It is also made of BPA-free plastic and metal components.

Dash cam

A dash cam is another essential gear necessary for truck drivers. It records wide-angle video on a continuous loop. The device is important for recording road happenings and can come in handy should an accident occur. The video recorder captures high definition images and is automatically saved on a micro SD card.

High capacity power bank

When driving a Titan Transline truck, make sure that you have a reliable source of power for your mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. Make sure to take with you chargers and adapters.