Salary is usually the main factor that encourages a tech talent to apply for a vacant position. However, there are also job seekers with digital skills that search the web for reviews like King Kong reviews to gain insight on work-life balance, work culture, career advancement and opportunities for growth. They want a company that will nurture their talent and encourage career growth.

Meanwhile, are you familiar with cross-site scripting (XSS)? It is a client-side variant of an injection attack that can trick a site into placing malicious codes on the visitor’s browser. Vulnerable websites are the target of XSS attacks.

Malicious scripts can be quietly injected on a user’s machine when they visit the site. It allows the attacker to masquerade as the victim. The attacker can access any data that is associated to the user’s browser. It can also perform similar website actions and gain access to confidential data.

Same Origin Policy or SOP is one of the basic principles of web design that ensures that the site is not vulnerable and accessible to attackers. SOP prevents apps from accessing content on pages from a different origin. It ensures that websites operate with guardrails that stop code coming from one random marketplace that the user visits from accessing the code on the online banking dashboard.

However, the problem is hackers can bypass the restriction through cross-site scripting vulnerability. It allows hackers to inject their own code into a website to make it look like the malicious code came from the attacked website and not an external source.

This vulnerability usually exists on sites with un-sanitized user information as output on the pages. These sites host and store comments, posts, form queries and other user method input and do not perform any type of additional processing steps before it is hosted like stripping away the HTML code.

Website security is one of the reasons why tech talents are highly in demand. One can only assume but it seems like potential employers like King Kong digital agency is encouraging its own employees to post King Kong reviews so that tech talents can be influenced to join their team. There is nothing wrong with reviews as long as they provide a true picture of a company.