Years ago, when JavaScript was introduced to the World Wide Web as one of the internet browsers of Netscape, it was met with disdain by developers and they were quick to point all of its design errors. Nowadays, JavaScript is the most dominant scripting language used in modern web browsers. It is the only programming language deployed for both personal computers and mobile gadgets all over the world. Why the turnaround?

JavaScript has become a very powerful scripting language that is at par with other programming languages like C++, Ruby or Java (not related). It has the advanced features that include prototypal inheritance, modules, namespaces, anonymous functions and meta-programming. JavaScript is used for client side scripting of dynamic content of web pages. Client side scripting is that part of the web page that is executed by the browser software. JavaScript is more typically used for the development of dynamic content of regular web pages in Hypertext Markup Language or HTML.

You do not have to pay to use JavaScript because all you need is a program code editor like Sublime Text, Notepad++ or Edit Plus and the internet browser to be able to write and execute a JavaScript code. All popular browsers allow debugging of JavaScript code but you can also use online tools that will allow you to take a look at JavaScript and its execution environment. Two of the free online tools include Firebug and Web Developer Toolbar.

Because of the widespread use of JavaScript, many of the popular frameworks like Angular JS, Backbone.js and Bootstrap is free for developers. Reliable libraries that can be used for free include jQuery, Prototype and Dojo. JavaScript’s ecosystem continues to grow as well as the demand for web developers who are knowledgeable and proficient with the programming language, its frameworks and libraries.

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