It’s 2017 and we are expecting to see changes when it comes to the future of web design. The evolution of technology is one of the main reasons why web design is also evolving. The use of online website is such a common daily occurrence that user experience is very important now more than ever.

The three main things that users are looking for in a website are personal, relevant and interactive. This means that web designers should be able to develop a website wherein the users will be able to understand all its processes as well as respond to the need of the users. What has 2017 in store for us? Let us dive deeper into this year’s web design trend.

  • This year we will say goodbye to the traditional style we are accustomed to when it comes to web design. This concept has been starting to fade away for a few years now and maybe this year it will be gone for good. In the traditional way of web designing, the main purpose of the design is to make the site look good externally to the users. Web design no longer embodies this definition alone. It has become bigger and deeper in terms of purpose. Web designers are not just making beautiful websites but also one that will deliver user experience and will be able to tell a story.
  • Last year, we have witnessed the blossoming of conversation interfaces and this year, it will take stage even more in focus. Users are looking to be able to interact with the companies behind the website, the service providers as well as bots through the use of various medium. Messaging platforms are now dominating over social media platforms thus companies are also looking of ways to make use of these messenger apps.
  • Animations have been seen in websites for a few years now but 2017 will be a lot bigger for GIFs and other forms of animations. It is common to see GIFs nowadays in every social media platforms. It used to be built-in only social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook but it can be integrated by a Bangkok website design company into web designs nowadays.