Figuring out how to be a digital marketer isn’t exactly, and some people aren’t cut out for it. Those that still have to deal with having to figure out what specialization that they want, and whether to go for an in-house position or freelance.

The path is different for everyone, but there are some skills and attributes that work in the industry as a general mold. Here are a few of them.


Digital marketing is in constant flux; in other words, there’s always something new to learn. This means that digital marketers need to have a passion for learning, otherwise they’ll get left behind by the constant changes and updates that the industry sees.

Critical Thinking

Digital marketing is a strategic field so naturally, it demands its professionals to be strategic as well. Digital marketers need to be able to review what they’ve done, are doing, and plan to do, look at it from different perspectives, and improve on it. It’s never ‘one and done’ when the industry changes as much as it does.


Meshing with the two above points, there is no such thing as a lazy digital marketer. Again, digital marketing is an industry that’s always in flux; those the slack off get left behind. They need to be motivated, and able to work in spite of the pressure.


Digital marketing is all about the businesses, so it’s only natural that being business-minded is an important attribute to have for digital marketers. A marketer doesn’t need to be someone like king kong sabri suby; someone who can run a business, they just need to have a good grasp of the principles of business.