Advertising on the internet is big business; ask anyone like king kong sabri suby, anyone that deals with online advertising.

A lot of websites rely on ad income to stay up, so appeasing advertisers is important for a web designer. However, there needs to be a balance; if there are too many ads taking up too much space on a site, then visitors will be turned away, removing what profit would’ve been gained from the ads.

As such, a good grasp of advertising is something a web designer needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Understanding ads

Advertisers have different reasons for getting an ad space, but the usual one is to gain exposure. The more likely an ad is to be seen and/or interacted by several people, then the bigger the demand, and the more a site can charge for ad space.

There are different metrics used to track an ad’s effectiveness, and it’s important to know which one you want to work with.

Remember that it’s important to think about advertising early in the web development process, as just shoehorning ads at the last minute rarely goes well. A lot of a site’s revenue comes from ads, but if the users find the advertising obnoxious, then they’ll ignore your site. You need a good balance.


  • Size: there are commonly chosen sizes, which keeps thing easy. Ads that grow bigger when people click on them are becoming more common.
  • Position: Ads need to be in the right spot, generally close to the top of the page, so they’re easily visible. They shouldn’t break up content too much either.
  • Frequency: Whenever people see ads about king kong sabri suby, it gets their attention. Do it too much, and it’ll annoy them, and it’ll turn them away. Generally, ads should be a minimum to keep visitors around.