According to the latest statistics, most of the traffic on the internet is generated from mobile devices. Instead of using the desktop, people tend to use their mobile devices to search for products like New York City Illustrated Map whenever they require a marketing tool for their city. Businesses have realized the importance of mobile optimization so that they have opted to have a responsive website.

Businesses that are planning on a new website or changing the present website to be responsive have to consider website themes that will work effectively for both mobile gadgets and desktops. This is particularly important if WordPress is used in setting up the website. Not all WordPress themes work well with websites so that web designers must develop their own designs and coding.

The first designs for mobile were crafted to serve mobile devices first. In the past, website design was created according to the dimensions of a desktop from the layout to the elements of the website. Since mobile devices have significantly improved, web designers are now creating websites according to the dimensions of mobile devices.

When designing responsive websites, developers need to understand that different browsers are now available on mobile platforms from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, UC Browser, Dolphin Browser and Brave. Because the browsers have different technologies, they might not support the latest web-based functions like animations and scripts.

Mobile users navigate their phone through a tap gesture. A tap on the screen will open links while a swipe allows browsing. Website theme must be able to support all the touch gestures. Before using a theme, it is important to ensure that it works well with different mobile devices. There is usually a built-in tool in the browser to test the website’s responsiveness and whether the design looks the same on different screens.

Meanwhile, the New York City Illustrated Map is one of the best examples of a cityscape art created with brilliant design and color. You will be able to view the best features of the city including prominent buildings and landmarks that will elicit a sense of recall. Even if the map is a work of art, everything is arranged according to scale and proper position.