Many people have heard of the title web designer but not all understand what the job really is all about. For professional web designers such as pwd, they believe that success would not be possible if they do not possess the skills needed to become good at what they do. For aspiring web designers, learning important technical skills is necessary in order to excel in the competitive business. What are the skills found in good web designers?

Perhaps the most obvious skill that a good web designer should have is the eye for visual design. This is different from designing a house or a specific product since the end result is digital. Therefore, one must be skilled when it comes to the aesthetic of a website and the overall vibe. Design in web design covers many things such as typography, color theory, proportions and grid systems.

Another important skill that a web designer should have is with regards to UX or user experience. This is designing with the user in mind. The end goal is to meet the needs and demands of the users while using the website to obtain maximum satisfaction. To accomplish this, it is important to get to know the users who will be using the website before deciding on the layout as well as the content. A good web designer with the skill of viewing from the user’s perspective would be able to create a flow path that is ideal for the target audience.

A good web designer knows the right software to use. The right tools can make a huge difference with the process and the overall result. If one is skilled in using Photoshop, it is far easier to create mockups, elements and even improve photos used on the site.

If you think a web designer does not need to be good in coding then this is where you are wrong. According to expert wed developers at pwd, web designing and learning how to code goes hand in hand. Coding is necessary in order to alter the website. A skilled web designer knows how to code using HTML along with CSS.