People access the websites of dental practices to find affordable dental solutions that will suit their budget. Whether it is a product or service offered by a business, price will always play a major role in choice and decision-making. However, do you know how the websites of dentists are build?

HTML, CSS and JavaScript play important roles in building websites. CSS controls the appearance of a page while JavaScript programs its functionality. If the website is a person, HTML will provide the bones with CSS providing the skin and JavaScript providing the brains.

Every web page includes headings, paragraphs, images, videos and different types of data. HTML elements are usually used by front-end developers to specify the information that each item on the web page must contain. HTML code is written by web developers to specify how different elements will relate to each other in the overall structure of the web page.

HTML is used by every website from music services to social networks. It plays two significant roles in web pages. First, the structure created through HTML code is used to reference, enhance and manipulate elements on the page using CSS and JavaScript.

For example, HTML can be used to mark all the headings on the page. Afterwards, CSS will be used to specify the font, size and colour that the web designer wants to reflect an organization’s branding or visual design desired for the site.

The second role of HTML is to indicate the roles of different elements to search engines. It also indicates other services that are used to index content and summarize it for users. For example, the caption of an image can be marked with “figcaption” element and enclose the image and the caption in “figure” element so that the search engine will understand that the two pieces of content are related.

It is easy for patients to access through their desktops or mobile phones. Quality and affordable dental care is provided by a team of experienced, talented and trained dentists to patients who want to restore their beautiful smiles. Preventive services are also offered so that simple dental issues won’t become big problems.