SEO is constantly being developed, meaning that it changes a lot. With the COVID-19 pandemic shaking things up for the global industries, companies have had to make some serious adjustments to stay up to par, even for SEO.

Here are a few of the trends that became established as everyone was stuck at home.

Local SEO

One of the biggest shifts in the wake of the pandemic was the shift to local SEO, as a result of people being unable to travel long distances. Hence people have paid more attention to local businesses, who have, in turn, gained an edge in the field.

Thanks to things like Google My Business, people are now more likely to visit nearby businesses, who, in turn, have an easier time with SERPs.

Zero click searches

Snippets that provide answers for users during searches, without having to go leave the SERP page, have become more popular recently, due to the fact that it makes searching faster and more convenient for users.

These snippets have led to an emphasis on content that answers commonly-asked questions immediately.

Core Web Vitals

A recently introduced concept, core web vitals covers three factors that affect user experience, and, in turn, site ranking.

LCP is how fast a page loads its main content, with the norm being less than 2.5s, while FID measures how long it takes for a page to be interactive, with the norm being below 100ms. CLS, meanwhile, tracks the unexpected layout changes in a site, with the accepted norm being less than 0.1.

These technical details seem small, but they amount to a lot when it comes to getting a good king kong SEO review and a company’s presence online.