How HTML And CSS Are Used At The Front-End Of Every Web Page

It is extremely important for a law firm to build a strong online presence. This can be achieved by having a modern responsive web design that is accessible through desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. People browsing through their smartphone does not need to zoom in to read content because it will look great on all devices.

When the end goal of the web designer is to build a web page with a specific kind of header, font, color theme and images, he takes the big idea and break them into small pieces. These pieces are translated into instructions and placed into correct order and syntax that the computer will understand.

Every page on the web has been built using a sequence of separate instructions. The browser translates the codes to something that users see and interact with on the screen. When the web page is opened, the browser fetches HTML and whatever programming languages that are involved and interprets them.

HTML is the programming language that is used to describe the structure of information on a web page. CSS on the other hand controls the appearance of the page while JavaScript takes care of functionality. Most front-end developers would use HTML elements in specifying the kind of information that the web page must contain and how the different elements relate to each other in the overall structure of the web page.

To put it simply, HTML will be used to mark all of the headings in the page. CSS will be used to specify the font, size and color that will be applied to the headings. CSS provides the website with style that can affect the entire mood and tone of the page. CSS is an incredibly powerful tool that is used on responsive websites so that they will adapt to different device types and screen sizes.

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The Role Of HTML In Building Web Pages

Advances in technology has revolutionized the way that Titan Transline provides personalized services to its customers. Good website design provides an instant advantage in the highly competitive logistics industry. Web design can be a game-changer if it offers users with a sense of security and confidence.

A logistics company requires a responsive web design so that the pages will look streamlined and elegant across all devices and browsers. Most customers will check their shipment current status while on the go through their mobile phone or tablet. Having a responsive website is more cost effective than developing a dedicated mobile app.

Front-end developers understand the importance of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in building smart responsive websites. HTML is the programming language used in describing the structure of information on the web page while CSS controls the page’s appearance. JavaScript controls functionality and provides the brains to the web pages.

A web page usually contains headings, paragraphs, images, videos and different types of data. Front-end developers use HTML elements in specifying the kind of information that each item on the web page contains. HTML code is written by developers to specify how different elements relate to one another on the overall structure of the web page.

HTML has a significant role in web pages. The structure created through HTML code is used to reference, enhance and manipulate elements in a web page that uses CSS and JavaScript. HTML can be used to mark the headings while CSS is used to specify font, size and color on the headings to reflect the company’s brand.

HTML indicates the role of each element to search engines and other services that index content and summarizes it for users. For example, if the caption of an image is marked with “figcaption” element and then the image is enclosed with a caption in the “figure” element, the search engine will understand that the two elements are related.

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How Client-Side Script Differs From Server-Side Script

There are some common technologies used today to create dynamic and interactive web designs. A few common terms include client-side scripting and server-side scripting that allow web pages to be dynamic. Pages can present customized content depending on the user’s input.

The most common client-side scripting language is JavaScript. Another is VBScript that was developed by Microsoft and does not support other browsers like Firefox and Opera. Most web developers use JavaScript that is supported by all browsers.

The downside to using client-side scripting language is older browsers do not support them. Newer browsers that are being used today allow users to disable the script. The solution is to use progressive enhancement in designing web pages so that they will work for everyone without CSS or client-side scripts.

Meanwhile, server-side scripts are executed on the web server and cannot be read by the user. What shows up is the not the script but the output which is typically HTML. Web developers prefer server-side scripts because they are more accessible and reliable. Anyone who uses a web browser can easily access HTML without turning anything on in the browser for the script to work. PHP is a widely used server-side script but others use Python or Pearl.

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Role Of Media Queries In Responsive Web Design

Do you know that you can read king kong advertising review through your mobile phone or tablet? Most websites are now mobile optimized because people prefer to use their mobile gadgets to access the internet. However, are you aware of the strategies used in responsive web design that can be accessed from any device?

When Media Queries in CSS3 are used it does not consider the type of device being used but its capability. It will check the width and height of the browser window, the device’s width and height, its orientation and resolution. If the user has a browser that supports media queries, CSS can used because it will detect that the user is using a smaller device like a smartphone and provides them with a specific layout.

A website does not only become smaller to fit; instead, content is re-architected so that it will be easier to access on the smaller screen of the device. Content is displayed in the same way on an iPhone or Android phone because media queries are used to target the device’s capabilities.

When using media queries, it is important to have an alternate section of CSS inside the single stylesheet. Alternate CSS can be added for smaller screens and width devices inside curly braces. CSS will override any previous style rules that were set for desktop browsers.

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Fundraising Gains More Response From Mobile Users

In an ideal world, non-profit organizations serve important causes through carefully planned strategies. However, the rapid of rise of crowdfunding has forced non-profits to realign their strategies. A higher ed fundraising campaign online can easily encourage supporters to invest in the project. People usually respond to what they see online and it makes them feel good to donate to strangers.

Meanwhile, the website for a fundraising campaign has be responsive because people prefer to use their mobile devices when making donations. By having a responsive website, the campaign will not miss out on the support provided by mobile users.

The same HTML is served to different devices but CSS changes the appearance of the web page. Instead of creating a different version of a website for mobile, a single codebase can support users of wide-screen monitors, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices with different screen sizes.

In responsive web design, page elements reshuffle while the viewport grows or shrinks. The 3-column website design for desktop may reshuffle to a 2-column design for a tablet or a single column for a mobile device. The design relies on proportion-based grids that re-arranges content and design elements.

The use of a single codebase makes development faster compared to the development of 2 or 3 different sites for devices types. Maintenance is also easier because only one set of code and content will be updated. If a 15-inch device is introduced to the market, the code can easily support the new device in the same way that it supports a 5-inch device.

It is usually easier to implement responsive web design on a site that is focused on content instead of functionality. It is difficult to fit complex data and interactions into modular pieces that can be shuffled around a page while preserving functionality and clarity. When elements move around a page, user experience may be different from one view of the site to the next.

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4 Tips To Protect Yourself Against Police Arrest

If you are put in a situation where you are arrested, read the information found here or you can read some vital information below.

Stay away from trouble

This is a no-brainer. To avoid arrest by the authorities, stay away from trouble and of people who can possibly take you to sticky situations. However, there are circumstances that even if you have not done anything wrong, you might still get arrested. Some of these circumstances include being at the crime scene where everyone has to be arrested first to be investigated and shed light on the matter or you happen to be near within a violent demonstration. This does not mean you are guilty of anything but being at the wrong place and at the wrong time could lead you to an arrest. But if you are not guilty of anything, there is no reason for you to be afraid of or panic.

Know your rights

If you know your rights, you would know exactly what to do during such situations. One of the things that should happen if you are being arrested is the pronouncement of Miranda rights. Without the pronouncement of Miranda rights, the arrest is faulty and you can bring that up as a technical issue before or during the trial. Another right that you should be aware of is your right to remain silent during arrest. You cannot be forced to say incriminating things while being arrested or held. Other important information that you should know are found here.

Do not resist arrest

One important thing to remember during an arrest is never to resist it as it can lead to bigger problems with the law and it can also hurt you or the arresting officers.  Just go along with the authorities and just prove your innocence later.

Call a criminal lawyer

When you are already at the police station, ask if you can do a telephone call to your lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer yet, there are a lot of information found here on how a criminal lawyer can assist you during the process.