How SEO Has Changed The World

SEO came to change the world barely only within two decades but it is quite difficult to imagine a world with no search engines. Search engines have totally changed the marketing strategy for businesses and have given its users superpowers to gain unlimited knowledge with just a click. This limitless source of knowledge has changed the lives of people. SEO companies have been emerging across the globe. SEO Sydney companies have been making waves across the region. Leapfrog Media specifically has gained popularity in the world of SEO as it continuously exceeds the expectations of their customers.

The emergence of search engines has changed the way people discover information. Search engines have transformed how people connect with family and friends. More importantly, the rise of search engines has altered the way people look at various services and goods. People are now actively seeking information about products and services and are not anymore waiting for advertisements on television or on flyers.
The change in the behavior of consumers have opened the rapid growth of SEO as companies take advantage of potential customers looking for information related to their services online.

However, as SEO has evolved, there also has been a growing division between people, who stay within the guidelines of Google against those who try to beat the website’s algorithm. Because people try to beat the algorithm, search engines are now altering their algorithms from time to time. Though no one has truly been successful, there are still some who think that the only way to get the highest rank in Google is through employing evil schemes, tricks and spam.

The constant change in the way searches were ranked had people questioning the relevance and importance of having SEO. There were even those that questioned if SEO was already dead. This question was immediately answered by experts saying that SEO is very much alive and will continue to live on. You can go back in time and read through the history pages of SEO to understand that this field of technological development will not go anywhere. Over the two decades that SEO was gifted to humans, it has drastically changed the world and impacted the everyday lives of people.

How Fast Is Your Website?

Everything is faster nowadays. With the right transportation, you could be in another country in a few hours. With the help of the microwave, you could have a meal within minutes. With the help of internet, you could search for a certain topic and get results in nanoseconds. If you have a real estate website, the loading speed of your website could affect the number of leads and visitors you get. Users won’t stick around to wait for your house and land packages and contents to load when they can easily find a faster real estate website. A slow loading page could be the reason for an interested buyer to abandon ship after 2 minutes.

Here are some things you could do to make your website load faster:

– One of the most common qualities of fast websites is their simplicity. A simple design could make loading time faster.

– If you have various pages in your website, find out which ones are taking more time than average to load. Google Analytics has an added feature called Page Speed where you can check the page’s speed instantly. After you checking, optimize them.

– One of the factors that could slow a website is the number of images in one page. A real estate website could have many images especially when showing of various house and land packages. The size of the images should be reduced but not the quality as it is important. Faster loading of images means faster page.

– To make your website faster, enable the use of cache which could result to fewer HTTP requests and the page size will be reduced.

– Limit the number of scripts used and it could help your website load faster. If you have quite a number of JavaScript and CSS used on your website then it is time to reduce by removing the unnecessary ones.

– Reduce the HTTP requests from your website for a faster response. To help attain this, use CSS for visuals.

– If you are using favicon on your site then it is recommended that it should be 1KB or below for a more optimized experience. Favicons could be another reason for a slow page.

CGI And JavaScript for Web Design And Development

There was this meeting I attended with some guys from Perth Web Design. The encounter was interesting and insightful that is why I am sharing with you some of the ideas on this post. It would be rather difficult to list down everything that has been discussed and I thought it would be better to delve on the use of CGI and JavaScript in web design and development.

CGI for web design and development

CGI is used by web designers to create web documents that will depend on user interaction. Pages can be created specific to form input and pages can be generated based on a database of information. CGI scripts are used for behind the scenes interaction with web users because they can set and read cookies, tabulate information that includes browsers and operating systems and monitor web traffic. However, many of the functions of CGI are duplicated by JavaScript and ActiveX which are newer technologies. Many web designers make use of CGI because it allows readers to use the program with the exception of a few. Java, JavaScript and ActiveX are not supported by many browsers and it is very common for firewalls to disallow these technologies on their system. However, CGI has its drawbacks because they put a lot of load on the server. If the programs are poorly written they can fall into endless loops that will tie up the server’s processing time.

JavaScript for web design and development

JavaScript is different from Java because it is a scripting language written for web pages at the client side. Java is an object-oriented programming language that can be used for different functions. One of the benefits of JavaScript is the creation of dynamic web pages and special effects like rollover and graphics that could impress the user.

JavaScript has become better through the years and it is now being used worldwide because of its integration into web browsers. Microsoft has added the scripting technology on its own browser Internet Explorer. In fact, until JavaScript came along, there was no way for web pages to interpret reader’s reactions except through their interaction with the server.

Tips For A Website Overhaul

How a website is designed elevates its rate of patronage by the public. Many viewers tend to open a website because they are drawn to it. It is important to have your website built in such a way that it induces users to stay and navigate through.

For your website to become more appealing, web scripts are being employed by technology. Web scripts help a website to be more interactive with its users. These may be invisible to the user’s eye, but these are great enhancements that have been developed through years which add to the usefulness of a website.

Suppose when you open a business website offering services to septic and drain cleaning. What are you expecting to see: pictures, loads of information or hotline numbers?

Useful Tips

Some useful tips to consider when creating that website are as follows:

1. Create a friendly, warm atmosphere in your website

When the user feels that he is being accommodated and his needs are met, he will continue to explore your website.

2. Clear content

The content of your website should be what you want to relay to your users. Your information will be about septic tanks, parking lot drain, storm drains and how to clean these or other product information which you wish to relay. Stay focused in your messaging. It can just be brief but clear.

3. Useful Call to action buttons

A good website makes use of call to action buttons. This will induce your audience to respond to something. If you want them to buy your product, create a shopping cart button. The button is dependent on what your website is about. It is important to have the call to action buttons placed strategically on the screen.

4. Use the power of Social Media

It is very effective to use social media links in your website. You may place in: you may visit us at our facebook page (specify the url) or at our twitter page. This way, they will be updated with your storm drain cleaning or parking lot cleaning services. It is likely that more people will know of your business as friends of customers will see this in their news feed.

FAQs: On Websites For Landscaping Businesses

What is web design?

A web design is the creation and the proper maintenance of websites or web pages. It has a wide range of spheres of web design namely web graphic design, interface design, user experience design, search engine optimization and much more.

Why is it important for companies & businesses to have an official website?

While it is not necessarily required, a website is a fantastic platform for a company or a business, however big or small, to improve their brand’s awareness. Their chances for success will increase to new levels with the help of websites, considering that a more than a million people around the globe are using the internet to browse for anything and everything online 24/7.

What are the elements of web design needed for a real-estate business website to be successful?

The elements of web design needed for a real estate or landscaping website should include the following: sufficient spacing in the homepages, effortless navigation, a search tab (for when a visitor wants to look for something that they want to searching for), social media links (for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & others), great images (if there is any) and web fonts.

What makes an effective real-estate business website?

As long as it possesses all the elements that make a website more appealing, then it will work in the long term. Another important thing that would make a real-estate website more effective is that the website should showcase plenty of information about the real-estate’s main goals, objectives, mission and vision.

Why is it important to have a web design that is responsive?

Without a responsive web design, it would result in a website that is dire and ineffective. Most users not only own computers, but some own smart phones and tablets (where people can use to browse online) as well.

What do websites need to work on in order to be better?

A website like Landscapia, which sells artificial grass, would not only focus on presenting their product, but they also need to work on changing and resizing their fonts to a type of font that is much more readable. It also needs to improve on its spacing since it looks like all the images and information are crammed into one place.

Simple Ways To Wrap Websites This Christmas

Gift giving has been a long celebrated tradition every Christmas. People of all ages, ethnicities and culture take time in shopping for Christmas presents to show their affection, appreciation and even gratitude to their friends and loved ones but you should ask yourself this: Is the mere act of gift giving enough to express your affection to someone? If your answer is no, then you’re on the right track.

Gift giving can be further enhanced by giving considerable time and effort when wrapping your presents. The way you wrap your presents conveys a message to the recipient. A poorly wrapped present would give the recipient the impression that he or she lacks importance in your life. This logic applies to any website as well, especially in this digital age, people are as much connected online as they are in real life.

If you’re running an online retails shop, or an e-commerce store, or even a blog, here are a few ways you can “wrap” your website so that your customers and really feel the festivities.

Adorn your Logo – The logo represents the business, and while you can put a Santa hat, cover it with snow, or wrap it with a bright colored ribbon, you should still retain the general and overall look of the logo. Keep it recognizable yet decorate it to make it current.

Conduct a contest – Have contest for your loyal customers to participate in. Perhaps a contest that is relevant to your product or service and the prizes are special merchandize that can still promote your business.

Snowflakes – with a few web scripts, you can easily have your website appear to be snowing. Just consult any web designer or developer, and they’ll surely be able to guide you easily.

A specialized Landing Page – This is a good search engine optimization tip that could also give your website good promotion. You can use this page to greet your potential customers and announce your Christmas offers.

Same as the way you can purchase a variety of gift wrapping materials from any store that provide high quality packaging materials like Papermart. You can tap web design companies to help you redesign or “wrap” up your website for Christmas.