Tips In Getting More Customers Through Your Website

If you have a business of laptop computer repairs in Perth, it is important that you should have a website. It is common for computer technicians to be knowledgeable about website creation thus they know that they must have one for their own business. There are those who make use of website builders available for free online, others prefer to use a ready-made template while there are those that are more confident in building a website from scratch. It is of no question that computer technicians have a lot to show when it comes to technical skills. However, they may not be the most effective when it comes to marketing skills necessary to attract more customers.

It is important to drive more traffic to your website. Thus, SEO plays an important role in doing so. Quality content also plays a vital role. Some may have to invest in Google Adwords or post their ads in a local business directory in order to have more visitors on their website. The problem is that you should know how to transform these visitors into paying customers.

Once a visitor lands on your page, he must be able to see what the website is all about – present what the company does and where it is located. The internet marketing world dictates that a website will only have seven seconds to capture the attention of the user before they decide to leave.

To make your business more visible, the headline should be used wisely. A short paragraph regarding the business can also be placed at the top of the page. An example headline would be “Laptop Computer Repairs in Perth”.

As soon as you have the user’s attention, the next thing you have to do is to keep them engaged. You can provide additional information regarding your business. Do not conform to the usual huge block of texts common in generic websites. You can list down the services you offer in the form of bullet points to maintain their attention.

A business for laptop computer repairs in Perth should be credible in order to seal the customer’s deal. You can display certifications and awards from authorized bodies and organizations.

How To Use Custom Fonts With CSS3

It is not only color and images that impact on a user’s impression of your website; website fonts also enhance the aesthetics of your web pages. For example, the design of a website offering photos on canvas to online audiences must pay particular attention to crisp look and clean print. High quality fonts must be used in content to convey relevant information to consumers who are interested in photos on canvas as wall display.

CSS3 is very appealing to web designers because of custom fonts. With the font-face rule, a web designer can literally render any font online within the web page text regardless of whether it is installed or not. Using the CSS3 technique, the basic code can be pretty simple although in reality it is somehow more complicated.

When you include custom fonts in the web pages it is important to determine whether it is licensed for web use. There are lots of free fonts online but most premium fonts have license that covers web usage. When the chosen font is uploaded on the server, it must be stored in a dedicated font directory. Do not forget to include files for any of the variants of the font you wish to use whether bold or italic.

In order to add font-face section to the CSS code, it is important to open the HTML or CSS file on the page that you are currently working on. Font-face declaration must be added to the style code. Give the font a name that you can refer to in the future and provide the location of the EOT file. These are the basic requirements for the necessary code which will be sufficient in many cases.

In order to make the code more reliable, there must be an indicator on the font file type. An optional measure is to get the browser to check for a local copy of the font to ensure that it is not already in use. If the font name has more than one word, use a hyphenated version before storing in the dedicated directory. When the font is applied to certain page elements, you will simply specify the font name that was used.


Facebook Insurance Marketing Tips: To Get More Likes

Facebook has become a global phenome since its emergence in the Internet. It has been continuously evolving from allowing people to share what’s on their mind, to share photos and videos, to let people know what they are doing and finally, manage businesses online. You see, some big businesses, even the big ones, are now using Facebook and other social media accounts, as their channels to reach more clients that will avail their services. In fact, even big corporations have their respective Facebook pages and like it or not, these businesses are benefiting from maximizing the marketing tools available on Facebook. Now, let’s talk about tips for successful Facebook insurance marketing. As you already know, the insurance industry is all about money and security.

For your Facebook page to be able to get higher level of “likes”, you have to practice certain practices if you belong in the insurance industry and you are doing Facebook insurance marketing. Below are helpful tips which if you heeded, your number of “likes” will jack up in no time:

  • When you have an existing Facebook page for your insurance company, make sure that you always connect that page to your official website, to your LinkedIn profile, basically everywhere. If you have a calling card, make sure that you include the Facebook address of your official page so people won’t waste time and bandwidth searching for it.
  • If you have an existing list of email addresses of past and present clients, you can invite them to “like” your Facebook page by simply sending them your Facebook page by simply emailing them. Along with your Facebook page, you can explain to them your agenda and belief as to why your company is engaging with people via social media.
  • Every now and then, it’s also a good Facebook insurance marketing practice that you give away prizes to certain number of fans for helping you reaching a certain numbers of “likes”. Or, you can have a contest in which a prize will be given away to the winners. That way, you are keeping your clients engaged and yes, receiving prizes and freebies are some of the things that help clients stick with a company in the long run.

Web App Interface Design Tips

Without the restrictions, like platform exclusivity or installation requirements, that plague most software, the SAAS, or software-as-a-service model used by web apps is becoming more and more popular. This field is booming, with companies competing with each other to stand out, trying to ensure their app is the most user-friendly around.

So how do you make an app user-friendly? How do you make an app with a user interface that is responsive, simple, efficient and intuitive? How do you keep up with the likes of web application development services by Oxagile, and design an app that is up to the high standards of today? Here are some tips.

  • On demand.
    • Space is very important in a web app; the area of a web app is prime real-estate. As a result you want your UI to be as simple as possible, without sacrificing functionality. A good way to do this is to hide functions unless the user actually invokes for them. The most used and simplest should be as plain to see as possible, the more esoteric, less-frequent ones should be nice and hidden, only to show when needed by the user.
    • Certain interface elements are better at certain tasks than others, meaning they’re more specialized towards that specific task. With this in mind, you want your interface elements to maximize space and efficiency, and, as such, you want the one that’s specialized for the task you need it for. For example, a calendar picker is superior to a drop down list when it comes to handling date-based decisions.
  • Press it once.
    • Sometimes, users can be impatient and press a button multiple times. This will result in a task being performed multiple times, resulting in more memory use, duplicate forms being submitted, and other sorts of efficiency problems for your app. Putting in a way to stop buttons from being pressed more than once is very useful for your app, for both you and your user.
  • Embrace your shadow.
    • Even web application development services by Oxagile consider using pop-up notifications. They’re just that common. So, you want to make sure that, as common as they are, they stand out from the rest of the UI. A shadow not only does that, it looks good doing it as well, darkening the area around a pop-up, giving the app a three dimensional feel, and making the pop-up seem closer, and, as a result, more noticeable for the user.

What Will Web Design Look Like For 2017?

It’s 2017 and we are expecting to see changes when it comes to the future of web design. The evolution of technology is one of the main reasons why web design is also evolving. The use of online website is such a common daily occurrence that user experience is very important now more than ever.

The three main things that users are looking for in a website are personal, relevant and interactive. This means that web designers should be able to develop a website wherein the users will be able to understand all its processes as well as respond to the need of the users. What has 2017 in store for us? Let us dive deeper into this year’s web design trend.

  • This year we will say goodbye to the traditional style we are accustomed to when it comes to web design. This concept has been starting to fade away for a few years now and maybe this year it will be gone for good. In the traditional way of web designing, the main purpose of the design is to make the site look good externally to the users. Web design no longer embodies this definition alone. It has become bigger and deeper in terms of purpose. Web designers are not just making beautiful websites but also one that will deliver user experience and will be able to tell a story.
  • Last year, we have witnessed the blossoming of conversation interfaces and this year, it will take stage even more in focus. Users are looking to be able to interact with the companies behind the website, the service providers as well as bots through the use of various medium. Messaging platforms are now dominating over social media platforms thus companies are also looking of ways to make use of these messenger apps.
  • Animations have been seen in websites for a few years now but 2017 will be a lot bigger for GIFs and other forms of animations. It is common to see GIFs nowadays in every social media platforms. It used to be built-in only social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook but it can be integrated by a Bangkok website design company into web designs nowadays.

Where Can I Take Sharepoint Site Member Training Courses?

Sharepoint site member training courses is one of those in demand course which provides essential knowledge and know-how to members of SharePoint groups. A SharePoint group is a web-based area where users with similar tasks converge to perform their duties. Members of SharePoint carry the same permission level with other users.

Using SharePoint can simplify tasks and in managing site access. By giving the same set of permissions to a SharePoint groups gives the manager several advantages such as modernize site maintenance and ensure that individuals who share similar tasks have the same access permits. More importantly, with SharePoint, you can control up to which point members are allowed to access the site.  There are several advantages of having your team members knowledgeable on SharePoint and it would only be right to have them sign up to training programs that will improve their efficiency in the organization. Here are some ideas here they can get trainings on SharePoint.

On the internet

The most convenient ways to obtain Sharepoint site member training courses is though the internet. With the use of search engine, you can get several learning institutions as a result. To sign up for the course, you can register online and place your payment online too. Choose your preferred schedule and can start with the course. There are free downloadable course guidelines to help you get a background on the course.  The good thing about online courses is that you can get your lessons at your convenient time. You can also take webinars for free and some with fee for your additional knowledge.

Local IT institutions

You can also take Sharepoint site member training courses at your nearest IT learning centre.  Call the registrar or check their website to determine if SharePoint site member course is currently open.  If you are going to take the course as a team, you can arrange for onsite training and may even negotiate on enrolment fee.  Find out if your organization can sponsor the training and if they can shoulder the fees and expenses too.