How To Incorporate Social Media In Web Design

Less and less consumers are going straight to websites in order to experience a certain brand. Still companies think that their website should be the main focus of their online presence when in fact majority of consumers are discovering brands and products through social media platforms. This is where they access information, read feedbacks about the products, comment their opinion and even seek for customer service. This is why a number of brands have already forgone the idea of a website and focused their energy on social media management instead. They use a number of major platforms to promote their brands such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

While it is not recommended to ditch your website altogether, it is important to embrace the social media in order to increase the traffic on your website and raise your conversion. Here is how social media can be incorporated in your website design.

  • As soon as a visitor lands on your page, he must be able to see what social media sites the brand is on. He must also be able to share the products and contents of the website through these social media sites. These social media icons should be positioned in your website where it visitors can interact with them easily. The follow buttons should be either on the header or footer of the website. Call to action should also be included such as liking the brand’s Facebook page or following its Twitter account.
  • Social logins should be possible on your website. This means that a visitor will no longer have to create a new log in profile but instead they can link one of their existing social media accounts to log in. More consumers are willing to log in because they won’t have to fill up a new form which takes up time. This could eventually lead to a higher conversion.
  • When it comes to social media management, the design of your website should be social media accessible including the code, content as well as commerce. It would be best to replicate social media platforms wherein the homepage is variable rather than showing only static contents.

3 Aspects Of Reputable Web Design Company In Nashville Tennessee

If you want to set up an online market, you would need a website to showcase your brand or your products and services. In order to have that website, you would also need expert web designers in Nashville Tennessee or in your locality that can help carry out your ideas. Here are some of the things that you should look for in a web design company.
1. Outstanding website. A reputable web design company should be to showcase their expertise from their own website. It should have all the key visual elements such as s user-friendly interface, professional and harmonized color, clear cut information about the company including their logo, in any, should be prominent for branding purposes. The fonts used in the website should also provide a professional appeal to entire site.
2. Credibility. You can tell if you have stumbled upon a reputable web designer in Nashville Tennessee by looking at the company’s reputation or feedback from its customers. The website should also provide reliability by only posting verified links. Site visitors are concerned about getting malware and viruses from infested sites. Thus, the web designing company should be able to provide security to their visitors especially in terms of financial transactions. The company should also contain their contact information such as their physical address and other contact details.
3. Ease of navigation- Lastly, you can tell if you are looking at a reliable web designing company in Nashville Tennessee by looking at how they can make their visitors feel comfortable while navigating their site. This could involve having simple and clear interface with highly usable tools such as an in-house search engine or 3-step or few steps take out process. It would also be best if you can find a site map to better guide the customers to their physical address. The company should also use simple and understandable words in their navigation tabs to avoid confusing their site visitors. A poorly designed website increases the site’s bounce rate. The navigation tools should be easy to use and offers fast results.

Most In-Demand Programming Languages

Your firm needs time attendance software and you hire an app developer to create the human resource tool. With the amount of programming languages that have been written, what is the best programming language that can be used to develop your software?

There are close to 300 programming languages and as technology grows, expect more programming languages to be written. Some of the most in demand programming languages include:

  • SQL or special purpose language is designed for managing data that is held in relational database management systems or for stream processing in a relational data stream management system. There are many common variations of SQL that include MySQL and Microsoft SQL. Last year, Microsoft has released SQL Server 2016 with several new features that will make the language more open source.
  • Java is one the most popular and most adopted programming language that is being used by app developers. Java is designed to be object oriented, class-based and portable that is why it is easily found on different platforms, operating systems and devices. Java is used in the development of almost kinds of Android apps, desktop apps and video games. It is also the server-side language that is generally used for enterprise-level backend development.
  • Python is the easiest programming language to learn that is why it is used for general purpose programming. Almost all beginners in app development know how to use python because it is simple and readable.
  • JavaScript is different from Java. It is a popular, dynamic and powerful scripting language that is used to create cool websites and online games. Since JavaScript is compatible with most browsers, it is used in almost 90% of web pages. In 2016, the compatibility and adoption of JavaScript grew and Progressive Web Apps soon became usable to allow offline functionality for web apps.

As soon as the app developer has finished creating the time attendance software, you have a tool that helps you manage employees easily in a friendly and efficient manner. The software can be installed with the clocking system like biometrics or proximity cards so that daily time attendance can be efficiently tracked.

Tips In Getting More Customers Through Your Website

If you have a business of laptop computer repairs in Perth, it is important that you should have a website. It is common for computer technicians to be knowledgeable about website creation thus they know that they must have one for their own business. There are those who make use of website builders available for free online, others prefer to use a ready-made template while there are those that are more confident in building a website from scratch. It is of no question that computer technicians have a lot to show when it comes to technical skills. However, they may not be the most effective when it comes to marketing skills necessary to attract more customers.

It is important to drive more traffic to your website. Thus, SEO plays an important role in doing so. Quality content also plays a vital role. Some may have to invest in Google Adwords or post their ads in a local business directory in order to have more visitors on their website. The problem is that you should know how to transform these visitors into paying customers.

Once a visitor lands on your page, he must be able to see what the website is all about – present what the company does and where it is located. The internet marketing world dictates that a website will only have seven seconds to capture the attention of the user before they decide to leave.

To make your business more visible, the headline should be used wisely. A short paragraph regarding the business can also be placed at the top of the page. An example headline would be “Laptop Computer Repairs in Perth”.

As soon as you have the user’s attention, the next thing you have to do is to keep them engaged. You can provide additional information regarding your business. Do not conform to the usual huge block of texts common in generic websites. You can list down the services you offer in the form of bullet points to maintain their attention.

A business for laptop computer repairs in Perth should be credible in order to seal the customer’s deal. You can display certifications and awards from authorized bodies and organizations.

How To Use Custom Fonts With CSS3

It is not only color and images that impact on a user’s impression of your website; website fonts also enhance the aesthetics of your web pages. For example, the design of a website offering photos on canvas to online audiences must pay particular attention to crisp look and clean print. High quality fonts must be used in content to convey relevant information to consumers who are interested in photos on canvas as wall display.

CSS3 is very appealing to web designers because of custom fonts. With the font-face rule, a web designer can literally render any font online within the web page text regardless of whether it is installed or not. Using the CSS3 technique, the basic code can be pretty simple although in reality it is somehow more complicated.

When you include custom fonts in the web pages it is important to determine whether it is licensed for web use. There are lots of free fonts online but most premium fonts have license that covers web usage. When the chosen font is uploaded on the server, it must be stored in a dedicated font directory. Do not forget to include files for any of the variants of the font you wish to use whether bold or italic.

In order to add font-face section to the CSS code, it is important to open the HTML or CSS file on the page that you are currently working on. Font-face declaration must be added to the style code. Give the font a name that you can refer to in the future and provide the location of the EOT file. These are the basic requirements for the necessary code which will be sufficient in many cases.

In order to make the code more reliable, there must be an indicator on the font file type. An optional measure is to get the browser to check for a local copy of the font to ensure that it is not already in use. If the font name has more than one word, use a hyphenated version before storing in the dedicated directory. When the font is applied to certain page elements, you will simply specify the font name that was used.


Facebook Insurance Marketing Tips: To Get More Likes

Facebook has become a global phenome since its emergence in the Internet. It has been continuously evolving from allowing people to share what’s on their mind, to share photos and videos, to let people know what they are doing and finally, manage businesses online. You see, some big businesses, even the big ones, are now using Facebook and other social media accounts, as their channels to reach more clients that will avail their services. In fact, even big corporations have their respective Facebook pages and like it or not, these businesses are benefiting from maximizing the marketing tools available on Facebook. Now, let’s talk about tips for successful Facebook insurance marketing. As you already know, the insurance industry is all about money and security.

For your Facebook page to be able to get higher level of “likes”, you have to practice certain practices if you belong in the insurance industry and you are doing Facebook insurance marketing. Below are helpful tips which if you heeded, your number of “likes” will jack up in no time:

  • When you have an existing Facebook page for your insurance company, make sure that you always connect that page to your official website, to your LinkedIn profile, basically everywhere. If you have a calling card, make sure that you include the Facebook address of your official page so people won’t waste time and bandwidth searching for it.
  • If you have an existing list of email addresses of past and present clients, you can invite them to “like” your Facebook page by simply sending them your Facebook page by simply emailing them. Along with your Facebook page, you can explain to them your agenda and belief as to why your company is engaging with people via social media.
  • Every now and then, it’s also a good Facebook insurance marketing practice that you give away prizes to certain number of fans for helping you reaching a certain numbers of “likes”. Or, you can have a contest in which a prize will be given away to the winners. That way, you are keeping your clients engaged and yes, receiving prizes and freebies are some of the things that help clients stick with a company in the long run.