A website is very important for service providers like plasterers in Sydney because most consumers prefer to search using their laptops or mobile gadgets. A professionally-designed website can build trust and confidence to encourage the consumer to buy the product or service. An aesthetic design can immediately gain a first impression but content can turn a lead to conversion.

However, design trends are evolving every year. Prior trends are still there but many new ones are being introduced to the market. One of the elements of web design that is intended to catch the attention of users is animation. Basic animation is pretty easy to add to websites through micro interactions or more user-focused animations.

Microinteractions originated from mobile apps and are now moving to websites. They work like animated responses to user behaviours so that if a user clicks on the button or hovers to animate a dropdown, there will be immediate response in a realistic way. With the growing number of open source scripts, almost anything is available to web designers. CSS3 and JavaScript offer control over microinteractions; you only need to find the right library that will suit your requirements. Anime.js works for any type of microinteraction development.

“Featured-in” badges are becoming quite common in corporate websites and sales-focused landing pages. Badges provide social proof on what other blogs and magazines say about your site. Of course, websites should feature the best reviews and coverage and building this stuff is no longer difficult.

Another option is special “used by” badges that are logos from big brands that will prove that the company is good. Instead of adding badges from news coverage, badges from major companies that use the product can be added. You can include a section of testimonials along with featured badges on the homepage.

On the topic of plasterers in Sydney, if you have architectural interior issues you only need to call or contact them through the website. All the issues will be fixed perfectly so that you will no longer be frustrated by the sight of cracked or discoloured walls and chipped paint. A wide range of solutions are available to improve the aesthetics of your home or office.