Most In-Demand Programming Languages

Your firm needs time attendance software and you hire an app developer to create the human resource tool. With the amount of programming languages that have been written, what is the best programming language that can be used to develop your software?

There are close to 300 programming languages and as technology grows, expect more programming languages to be written. Some of the most in demand programming languages include:

  • SQL or special purpose language is designed for managing data that is held in relational database management systems or for stream processing in a relational data stream management system. There are many common variations of SQL that include MySQL and Microsoft SQL. Last year, Microsoft has released SQL Server 2016 with several new features that will make the language more open source.
  • Java is one the most popular and most adopted programming language that is being used by app developers. Java is designed to be object oriented, class-based and portable that is why it is easily found on different platforms, operating systems and devices. Java is used in the development of almost kinds of Android apps, desktop apps and video games. It is also the server-side language that is generally used for enterprise-level backend development.
  • Python is the easiest programming language to learn that is why it is used for general purpose programming. Almost all beginners in app development know how to use python because it is simple and readable.
  • JavaScript is different from Java. It is a popular, dynamic and powerful scripting language that is used to create cool websites and online games. Since JavaScript is compatible with most browsers, it is used in almost 90% of web pages. In 2016, the compatibility and adoption of JavaScript grew and Progressive Web Apps soon became usable to allow offline functionality for web apps.

As soon as the app developer has finished creating the time attendance software, you have a tool that helps you manage employees easily in a friendly and efficient manner. The software can be installed with the clocking system like biometrics or proximity cards so that daily time attendance can be efficiently tracked.