In contemporary web development, developers have to leverage multiple programming tools and languages in order to create user friendly responsive websites. However, choosing the best tech stack on which to launch the online portal is quite daunting. With the plethora of alternatives, it is important to be extra cautious when making a choice.

PHP and Java are equally popular to facilitate seamless web development. PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting tools that are based on HTML. It is also the best option to build dynamic web pages. It offers a variety of efficient frameworks that can be used in creating responsive websites.

Because PHP is open source and object oriented, it is a more affordable option to built responsive websites quickly. An active community helps in seamless web development and maintenance. PHP is also compatible with other database management systems that include MySQL, Oracle, IIS, MariaDB, Apache and many more.

PHP also allows developers to create reliable and platform-independent web apps. It facilitates seamless file processing, large database management arrays, data processing, file uploads and more. The most recent version of PHP includes an error handling module and can perform on multiple operating systems. PHP is one of the hot favourites of developers in building scalable, customizable and flexible websites.

Meanwhile, Java is more object-oriented and cost efficient platform that is appropriate for larger and enterprise- grade web development. It is fast and capable of performing effortlessly with multiple operating systems. It also has a community of expert supporters who can help solve any difficulties.

Aside from efficient data warehousing, Java has the best security features that make it the best option for client-server data exchange. Because of the easy to learn Java platform, developers using Java can perform coding and debugging efficiently. Java is the favourite tool for web developers who are working on a large project.

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