Mobile application design can be a challenging task. User experience is the primary focus for any design process. Without this in mind, a mobile app could just easily fail.

Doing the homework

An effective and great mobile app allows its target users to do a set of tasks. The first step is understanding those users.

For the designer, these questions need to be asked:

• What sets the users from others?
• What are the users’ technical capabilities?
• What are their expectations?

The better these users are understood, the better the design process goes.

Consequently, the tasks needed to be done as well as the features to perform those tasks need to be considered. In addition, the operating system and version, device type and other specifics needs to be determined.

Thinking about mobility

Many developers forget an app’s mobility factor during the build. This makes the user experience a complicated one.

Users want to use apps that are predictable and familiar. The UI needs to be kept intuitive, user-friendly and responsive. Device constraints like screen size, battery life, processor memory and speeds need to be taken into account too.

Adopting design principles

A mobile app with no sound design principle is bound to fail when compared with other consumer apps in the market.

Mobile apps have to take advantage of full screens and positioning elements correctly. In addition, navigation has to be taken into account when carrying out the tasks.

When deciding on colors, fonts, styles, buttons, icons and titles, usability and readability are to be kept in mind.

Treating content as the most important feature

Being wary of the design elements so as not to overshadow the content is important. Likewise, securing sensitive data by addressing issues like authorization and authentication should be addressed. This also includes safeguarding data while in rest or in motion.

Testing, analyzing and listening

An app should be fully tested while analyzing its usage and seeking user feedback. This allows a designer to know if the app achieves its purpose.


Designing any mobile app development Singapore project needs to be well-thought of and studied completely. This is not just about choosing which colors or fonts to apply to its interface. It is more than that. It is being able to consider how the user will use the app and what the user is trying to accomplish on it.