A website that offers specialist logistics solutions should be easy to navigate in order to make their visitors stay longer on their page. It can be tricky if you are a beginner in website design but hiring a professional who knows their way around effective websites will help a ton. In addition, this article can help you decided whether your website navigation needs improvement along with the links, menus and buttons you use.

When it comes to navigation, description is important. The visuals should be prominent in a way that it communicates to the visitors. Once the website homepage loads, their eyes will be on the header and everything around it including the menus. Therefore it is discouraged to use generic labels and instead to go for descriptive ones. Generic navigation labels look unauthentic and very common which does not help when you want to stand out among the competition.

If you are stressing about the particular order of items included on the menu, don’t be. All you need to make sure is that home is located on the left hand side and the rest can be ordered based on your preference. Why left? This is where the home link is usually located in millions of other websites therefore visitors are more likely to look for it there. A random order of menu items will not impact your website’s success as proven by two separate studies.

Be cautions when linking your blog posts to service pages because it might present a distraction. Instead of getting a lead, you might end up distracting your visitor and give them opportunities to leave for other sites instead.

It might be normal to post links and references when doing a blog post but be careful when it comes to your service pages and most especially the homepage. It will no way be helpful in your goal of getting a lead or reaching the goal of your business website in the first place.

While it might be tempting to have them followed on your social media accounts as soon as they land on your page, you might want to put those buttons at the bottom of the page. To ensure that they will hire your services for specialist logistics solutions, do not present them with distractions early on and social media links are the biggest distractions there is.