How To Incorporate Social Media In Web Design

Less and less consumers are going straight to websites in order to experience a certain brand. Still companies think that their website should be the main focus of their online presence when in fact majority of consumers are discovering brands and products through social media platforms. This is where they access information, read feedbacks about the products, comment their opinion and even seek for customer service. This is why a number of brands have already forgone the idea of a website and focused their energy on social media management instead. They use a number of major platforms to promote their brands such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

While it is not recommended to ditch your website altogether, it is important to embrace the social media in order to increase the traffic on your website and raise your conversion. Here is how social media can be incorporated in your website design.

  • As soon as a visitor lands on your page, he must be able to see what social media sites the brand is on. He must also be able to share the products and contents of the website through these social media sites. These social media icons should be positioned in your website where it visitors can interact with them easily. The follow buttons should be either on the header or footer of the website. Call to action should also be included such as liking the brand’s Facebook page or following its Twitter account.
  • Social logins should be possible on your website. This means that a visitor will no longer have to create a new log in profile but instead they can link one of their existing social media accounts to log in. More consumers are willing to log in because they won’t have to fill up a new form which takes up time. This could eventually lead to a higher conversion.
  • When it comes to social media management, the design of your website should be social media accessible including the code, content as well as commerce. It would be best to replicate social media platforms wherein the homepage is variable rather than showing only static contents.