Web design is all about keeping things fast, simple, and easy, as people on the internet generally have short attention spans.

Good sites like Rabinky Art adhere to the KISS principle; keep it simple, stupid. When a visitor goes to such sites, they know what the art and the artist is about, and why they’re worth seeing and buying, as quickly as possible. This is a key part as to why they work. Sites that don’t remember to keep this in mind end up unable to keep visitors around, and end up lost in the crowd of art websites that didn’t make it.

So how does an artist go about making a site that works?

Getting their own domain name.

Free web hosting has way too many cons to be worth it for an artist.  They tend to have a lot of ads and other extra distractions, which take away from any art that might be on the page, which defeats the purpose of having the site in the first place.

Moreover, free sites create the impression that an artist can’t afford their own site and domain, or can’t be bothered to do so. Regardless of which is actually the case, it doesn’t leave the best impression.

Making sure the site works, regardless of platform and browser.

With people using different devices and browsers, it’s only logical that an artist’s site works well regardless of these factors. Regardless of whether a user is on phone or desktop, Chrome or Firefox, your site needs to work well for them, with organization, presentation, and navigation all retaining quality across platforms and browsers.

Presenting art in ways that anyone can grasp.

Regardless of what your art is, and what you’re about, you need to make sure that people can easily access and appreciate it.  An artist’s site like Rabinky Art, remember, is all about exposing its owner’s art to the world; to new people that can be converted to fans. That means that easy navigation and access is key. Not only should your site be easy to access, but your art should also be easy to find.