SEO came to change the world barely only within two decades but it is quite difficult to imagine a world with no search engines. Search engines have totally changed the marketing strategy for businesses and have given its users superpowers to gain unlimited knowledge with just a click. This limitless source of knowledge has changed the lives of people. SEO companies have been emerging across the globe. SEO Sydney companies have been making waves across the region. Leapfrog Media specifically has gained popularity in the world of SEO as it continuously exceeds the expectations of their customers.

The emergence of search engines has changed the way people discover information. Search engines have transformed how people connect with family and friends. More importantly, the rise of search engines has altered the way people look at various services and goods. People are now actively seeking information about products and services and are not anymore waiting for advertisements on television or on flyers.
The change in the behavior of consumers have opened the rapid growth of SEO as companies take advantage of potential customers looking for information related to their services online.

However, as SEO has evolved, there also has been a growing division between people, who stay within the guidelines of Google against those who try to beat the website’s algorithm. Because people try to beat the algorithm, search engines are now altering their algorithms from time to time. Though no one has truly been successful, there are still some who think that the only way to get the highest rank in Google is through employing evil schemes, tricks and spam.

The constant change in the way searches were ranked had people questioning the relevance and importance of having SEO. There were even those that questioned if SEO was already dead. This question was immediately answered by experts saying that SEO is very much alive and will continue to live on. You can go back in time and read through the history pages of SEO to understand that this field of technological development will not go anywhere. Over the two decades that SEO was gifted to humans, it has drastically changed the world and impacted the everyday lives of people.