It is important for every business like Hidden Door to have a website that highly functional and visually appealing. The process of building a website, mobile apps or other platforms is called web development. One of the more significant aspects of web development is programming which is achieved through programming languages. These languages are the platforms where instructions are communicated and actions are pursued.

Web design is one the processes in web development as well as content creation, programming, network security tasks including client-side and server-side scripting. Java Script is considered as one of the most popular and widely used programming languages for the creation and development of websites. Java Script achieves many things from controlling the browser to editing content on a displayed document and allowing client-side scripts to communicate with users.

One of the few things that make Java Script very popular for a developer is it is accepted and supported by all major browsers without any compilers or plug-ins. Java Script can also be used on non-web based platforms like PDF docs and desktop widgets. It also supports functional and object-oriented programming styles.

The main features of Java Script are it is highly structured language that includes a proper and planned syntax derived from C.But while C has block scooping, Java Script only includes function scooping. However, it differentiates between statements and expressions like the fundamental C web programming platform.

Java Script is also dynamic which allows the developer the type of an object in many different ways. It is also object-oriented wherein all the objects are associative arrays. All functions in Java Script are objects and first class. The programming language is also associated with their functions and characteristics. For example, the nested function is a function without a function meaning that the language supports anonymous functions. These features of Java Script will tell you how easy it is code and what it can achieve.

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