Our body needs all the vitamins and minerals it can get from the food and drinks that we are taking on a daily basis. These vitamins will serve as the fuel of our body and its parts for them to be able to function properly. Most of the time, we need protein for our muscles, calcium for our bones and other essential vitamins that will help us maintain a strong immune system that will protect us from sickness and infections. Now, eating too much will raise your calorie intake and when your calorie intake is beyond what is recommended depending on your age, height and weight, there is a tendency for you to uncontrollably gain weight. You see, taking in too much calories will make your metabolism store unused calories which are converted fats. Now, in case you want your old shape back with all the curves and abs, there are ways to achieve that goal. You can go to the gym and do various work out activities. Or you can starve yourself with various diet plans such as the HCG weight loss plan. To begin with, HCG, or human chronic gonadotropin hormone, is yes, claimed to be effective in weight reduction because it will force you to only consume 500 calories for 24 hours. And that’s unhealthy.

When you choose to believe the claims that HCG weight loss plan is effective, good luck with that. To stick with the 500-calorie per day, you will not be allowed to eat many things. To make this simple, you won’t consume any solid food at all from breakfast until lunch time. You may only drink black coffee or tea, both are sugar-free. And if you are a milk lover, say goodbye to drinking a glass of milk because this diet will only allow you to consume a teaspoon of milk for the entire day. You won’t get the recommended daily allowance of calcium if you consume a teaspoon of milk. Lunch and dinner times get more miserable as you are only allowed vegetables with no toppings, small portions of fatless protein or egg with a slice of fatless cheese.

To end this one, to only consume 500 calories per day is very unhealthy. If you love eating and love your body at the same time, don’t even dare employing HCG weight loss plan because it will really, really starve you.