Customer reviews are now dominating search results and businesses are confused whether they still need advertising or should they simply encourage their customers to leave reviews. Most consumers are leading active lifestyles and the availability of customer reviews provide them with the information they need to make a confident purchasing decision.

If you own a company, it is suggested to focus on your review strategy first to enhance your reputation and create brand awareness. The better your online reputation, the easier it will be to decide on the kind of advertising strategy you will need to increase sales and revenue.

Each review you receive from a customer is free advertising for your business. People trust reviews more than they do paid advertisements. They want to know about authentic experiences with a product or service. It is similar to trusting the recommendation from a friend or neighbour.

Local search results influence the number and recency of reviews and star ratings that your business receives. When Google sees the activities on your pages, your business will be rewarded with a higher rank in local search engine results. To maintain your high ranking, it is important for Google to see consistent online activity and engagement with customers who leave their feedback on your pages.

A digital marketing agency invites potential clients to watch king kong advertising review on YouTube. You can watch and hear a client talking about his experiences with digital agency. Videos are more entertaining and engaging than reading customer reviews on online third-party review sites.