There’s a lot of value from online reviews and SEO, which is why companies pay attention to King Kong SEO reviews and the like. However, it can be a bit mystifying for some people, which is why the European Commission issued new guidelines that ask for better transparency in search rankings.

Primarily, these EU guidelines are for businesses, to make e-commerce competition more even and fairer. On top of these, tech companies will also have to share information with businesses, particularly in what would help with improving getting better King Kong SEO reviews and online profiles.

EU Executive Vice President of Digital Affairs Margrethe Vestager stated that the new guidelines are for setting a standard for transparency in search engine results and help make the e-commerce platform fairer, which will boost innovation and welfare for people across the EU.

The guidelines say that internet companies should list down the factors that their algorithms use to determine rankings. These new measures come just a week prior to the release of the EU’s overhaul of digital regulations, aimed at properly regulating big internet companies operating in the region.

In simple terms, the guidelines would make it easier to see what is a website’s design and script lets it rank high in search results, and make adjustments.

Good stuff. But, considering how some people can have their businesses ruined by bad search results, one has to wonder why it took so long for these to come into play. And these are only in the EU; no clear news from other regions.

As it stands, it’s a sign of how legislation tends to fall behind technology’s rapid pace of development. It’s a good step, nevertheless.