Federal tax id number or the EIN number is the unique nine digit number given by the IRS to business organizations. This number helps the government to identify the business for taxation purposes. Every business organization that has employees in the United States and is liable to pay taxes requires to have an EIN.

New entrepreneurs who find it difficult to do the paperwork can consult Zoom filings to make the process of applying for EIN easy. EIN can be applied in four different formats – online, through fax, through e-mail and by telephone. Whatever format you choose to apply for the EIN, you have to submit the information regarding the business name and physical address, the responsible party of the business, type of business, purpose of obtaining EIN and the field of business.

Applying for EIN number online is the fastest and convenient method. You need to visit the website of the IRS and go to the EIN assistant page. The person applying for the EIN must be the owner of the business or responsible party of the business. Have all the paper work and documents required for the application ready as the entire process should be completed in a single sitting. You can also use the services of Zoom filings to help you apply for the EIN online. Once the registration is complete, you will immediately receive the EIN number and can use it to open bank accounts and applying for licenses.

You can also choose to apply for the EIN number through fax. Complete the form SS -4 and fax all the required information and documents to the fax number of the IRS. If all the information is rightly furnished, you will receive the EIN number in four business days. Since there is a lot of paper work involved in filing for EIN, hiring consultants like Zoom filings will help you to complete the process of applying for easily and quickly.

Applying for EIN through E-mail is the same as applying by fax. You have to mail the SS-4 form along with the necessary documents to the email address of the IRS. EIN will arrive after about four weeks through email.

International applicants are allowed to apply for EIN over phone. This is a lengthy and time consuming process as the authorized agent of the company should provide all the information required by the IRS over phone. The EIN number is immediately provided over phone, once all the correct information is provided. Contact Zoom filings for stress free EIN application process.