Having a well-designed website is key for any company in this day and age, from those that handle automotives to kitchen splashback tiles, all companies need professionally crafted sites to get a foothold on the ever competitive internet.

For furniture websites, the idiosyncrasies of the industry demand little details that one should be aware of, which means that furniture sites, from those that sell kitchen splashback tiles to those that sell couches, are designed differently from the rest.

Here’s some things and ideas that might be able to help craft a furniture site that improves on the experience of shopping furniture shopping.

More relevance in searches.

Say you find a nice, red chair that you love for your home, and now you need to find other pieces that work well with it. This is where more relevant filtering with websites can work wonders, as they’ll save you all the trouble of having to sort through a lot of things that a less relevant filter would bring up.

Shopping by purpose or room.

Not everyone who goes looking for kitchen splashback tiles just looks for the tiles themselves, but for the entire kitchen. This is where having pages, filters or catalogues that sort furniture and products based on the room and purpose makes it faster and easier for anyone looking to shop, and can work well with the above point.

Mobile friendly shopping.

It’s no secret that mobile browsing is becoming more and more ubiquitous, and web design have adapted to match this, with many sites designed to be easy to work with on mobile phones or tablets. A lot of people shopping for furniture will browse for it with their mobile devices, then come into the store to get a feel of something they find interesting.

Wishlist and product comparison.

One thing that can be inconvenient when shopping at huge malls with a wide range of products, think IKEA, is that people go through sections of products, mentally keep track of the things that they want, only to forget it later down the line. Another issue that one people tend to run into is the inability to immediately compare products. For online furniture shopping, dealing with these issues will be useful in making a convenient site.